Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: May 2, 2014


Why does PollBuzzer ask demographic questions?

To increase the odds you'll be asked questions and earn money. Businesses often like to target their questions to certain consumer types. By providing PollBuzzer with this information you allow businesses to find you.

What kinds of questions will I be asked if I join PollBuzzer?

You'll be asked questions by businesses who want and value your opinion on a range of subjects, from your satisfaction with their products and interest in their brands to your personal hobbies and activities which help our clients understand the overall profile of the customers they are trying to reach.

I haven’t received a question in a while – what gives?

PollBuzzer is working every day to get you more opportunities to earn by answering questions. The frequency with which you receive survey questions depends on how often our clients seek out the opinions of panelists with your demographic profile, so some weeks you may get multiple questions and other weeks you may not receive any questions from us. When we do have a question for you to answer, we will send it directly to this email address and you;ll be able to answer the question directly from that same message.

I haven’t gotten paid yet – when will I see my payment for the question I just answered?

We recently changed our payment policy and will be making payments once per week on Mondays. Your payment should process by the next Monday. We appreciate your patience!

What do you do with my answers?

Your answers become part of a set of data that is delivered to our clients. In addition, PollBuzzer keeps a record of all the questions you were asked and all the questions you have answered, both to understand things like your likelihood to respond and to later allow our clients to analyze their data using other characteristics of our panelists. For all of these uses, your answers are kept anonymously.

How do I get paid?

Each time you answer a question, your PollBuzzer account is credited with $1 in earnings after the question expires. You have two choices as to what you can do with those earnings. If you choose to keep the cash, you will be paid using PayPal. Each user may only register with one verified PayPal account. Every week, we “cash out” all of the PollBuzzer accounts that are owed any earnings. Alternatively, you can choose to direct your earnings to a non-profit or charity. A list of non-profits that are eligible for contributions appears on the Payments page, and is subject to change. PollBuzzer will make monthly contributions to these non-profits in the full amounts that our panelists have directed us to donate.

I am getting an error message / registration won’t take my PayPal account/email. Why?

Typically, there are one of two problems that cause the signup system to return this error message:

  1. The email address that you are putting in does not match a "verified" PayPal account; check whether your PayPal page says “Status: Verified” at the top, and if it doesn’t follow PayPal’s instructions on how to get verified.
  2. If your PayPal account is verified, then it’s most likely that the name that you are listing with PollBuzzer does not exactly match the name that your PayPal account has. Log into PayPal, and at the top of the page, take a look at how they are displaying your first and last name. When you sign up with PollBuzzer, you need to spell it the exact same way. Sometimes you need to include any middle initials in the “first name” field with PollBuzzer, if PayPal is including your middle initial in your displayed name.
Why do I have to use a verified PayPal account?

PollBuzzer requires you to have a verified PayPal account (meaning that on your PayPal dashboard it says “Status: Verified”) to ensure that all of our panelists are unique individual respondents who meet the demographic criteria that our clients request. To learn more about verifying your PayPal account, click here. In addition, for us to confirm your identity with PayPal, we require that the first and last names on your PollBuzzer account match the first and last names on your PayPal account. Please make sure that the first and last names you use to sign up as a PollBuzzer panelist are the same as the first and last names shown on your PayPal profile page.

I accidentally signed up as a client, not a panelist. How can that be changed?

Not to worry! Just go to, and follow the directions to sign up as a panelist.

How does your referral system work?

On your panelist homepage you’ll find a referral URL address. You can send that address to your friends and colleagues and encourage them to sign-up as PollBuzzer panelists.

If they do sign-up using that link, we will deposit a one-time credit of $1 in your account after they successfully answer four survey questions. It’s a great way to spread the word about PollBuzzer and earn a little extra money!

Do you share my Personal Information with other companies?

As referenced in our Privacy Policy, we may transfer information about you to other companies in connection with a merger, sale or acquisition by or of PollBuzzer. In addition, if you joined PollBuzzer prior to May 2, 2014, PollBuzzer will not share, sell, rent or trade your Personal Information with any third parties for their promotional purposes, unless you have granted PollBuzzer permission to do so. However, if you jointed PollBuzzer on or after May 2, 2014, PollBuzzer may share your Personal Information with third parties for the purpose of giving you access to additional offers related to, but not limited to, market research.


What’s in it for your not-for-profit organization?

It’s pretty simple – a new source of fundraising revenue at no cost to your organization. You’ll get new donors and increased frequency of giving from your existing donors. And because they’ll be “earning” those donations from a new revenue source themselves (PollBuzzer and our clients), we’ll see overall giving go up.

What’s does PollBuzzer get out of this?

At PollBuzzer, we’d love as many of our panelists to contribute their compensation to charities as possible. We see it as a great way to give back and to direct a large amount of new corporate spending into the not-for-profit community. What will make it even more valuable to both your non-profit and to us will be if we can truly partner with you. That will enable us to increase the frequency of giving from your existing donors, provide you with new donors, and help grow our business – all of which will result in larger overall contributions.

How can we partner with you?

We offer three ways to partner with us:

  • The simplest but likely least impactful way is simply to allow PollBuzzer to offer your not-for-profit as a contribution choice to our respondents.
  • The next step in partnership is for you to offer PollBuzzer as a new means of donation in your own solicitation efforts. This can be as simple as including a link to PollBuzzer’s sign up page in your own marketing materials.
  • The most engaged and impactful partnerships will see us craft a joint campaign, accessing your large donor lists and our large pool of respondents to encourage our panel to contribute to your organization and your donors to sign up with PollBuzzer.